About Us


President Kikkoman Zhenji Foods  Co., Ltd. is an international and professional seasoning  manufacturer. 

It was jointly invested and founded by Kikkoman Corporation and Uni-President Enterprises Corporation in 2008, with the registered capital at 300 million Chinese Yuan.  President Kikkoman Zhenji is headquartered in Shijiazhuang, the capital city of Hebei Provence, with the production based in Zhaoxian, a famous historical and cultural county. The company mainly trades in nearly 100 kinds of products in 5 categories (i.e. soy sauce, vinegar, thick sauce, cooking wine and other seasonings), and its annual comprehensive production capacity is 100 thousand tons.

Our products are sold well at domestic markets for home-use, catering and processing industries, also exported to many countries or regions such as Germany, Malaysia, Australia, Turkey, Vietnam, etc..  Our  company is authorized to use Kikkoman brand which is a world-famous  sauce brandsoy, and the Uni-President brand which is a famous brand in Taiwan and China Mainland, and  “Zhenji” which is our self-owned brand ,widely recognized within  the seasoning industry in China mainland.

President Kikkoman Zhenji has acquired many domestic and international certifications, including ISO9001 (Quality Management System), FSSC22000 (Food Safety Management System), ISO14001 (Environmental Management System), KOSHER (Kosher Food Certification),  Non-GMO Identity Maintenance Certification by SGS, HALAL (HALAL Food Certification Issued by Islamic Association of Shandong and MUI), etc.

Our management philosophy,the first and foremost is “customer-comes-first”, and producing high-quality products safely, contributing to local society while making employees happy.

Giving the first priority to quality, our company devotes itself to the technical improvement in the seasoning industry, provides services for consumers whole-heartedly, undertakes its responsibility and contributes to the society with intelligence.